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Subs Lifted: post-fixture of Dry and Breakbulk in a one-day panoramic

Charter-party execution in Dry Bulk and Breakbulk post-fixture
Subs Lifted: post-fixture of Dry and Breakbulk in a one-day panoramic

Time & Location

Date on demand.
The Baltic Exchange, The Baltic Exchange, 38 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EX, UK

About the event

Charter-party execution in Dry Bulk and Breakbulk post-fixture

Who is it for?

- Dry Bulk, Breakbulk, Parceling, Project

- All Postfixture professionals, Operators, Postfixture Assistants, Port Captains: structure and refresh their knowledge (CPD); learn of other sectors, and broader industry practice

- Chartering personnel

- Services to Shipping: P&I, Shipping Lawyers, Bunker Traders, Asset Managers

Learning outcomes

On completing this course, we expect you to be able to

- Identify the key responsibilities of a party having ‘effective control’ of a vessel

- Outline the parties interacting with the vessel, their interests and needs, and the effect on your consecution of the CP

- Share some of the common pitfalls in the fulfilment of Time Charters and Voyage Charters

- Reflect on industry best practice and how it is applicable to particular sectors and business models


GBP 300 + VAT for the one day course

Includes written course materials, coffee breaks, sandwich lunch, and follow-up email tuition with the Instructor.

Full-time students have a concessionary rate of GBP 100 + VAT, on verification from the institution they are attending.


may vary depending on the mix of attendees

- ‘Effective Control’

o Instruction

o Safety of Navigation

o Weather services

- The parties, their interests and needs

o Head Owners

o Technical Managers

o Commercial Managers

o Flag State

o Classification Society

o Time Charterers

o Voyage Charterers

o Shippers and Receivers

o Their banks; Bills of Sale

o Currency Controls

o Port Agents; Terminals; Surveyors

o Port State; Customs; Health/Sanitary; Surveyors

- The Bunker Plan

o Remaining On Board

o Specifications

o “Safe Reach”

o ECAs and FONARs

o Disputes

- ‘Coastal’ Operations Planning

o Updated cargoplan

o Canal Transits

o Hold Cleaning

o The ProForma DA

o Berthing expectation

o Equipment, Labour

o Updating estimates in systems – time, expense

- Receivables

o Time-charter hire

o Freight

o Laytime

- Disputes

o Time-charter

o Voyage charter

o Cargo quantities; damages

o Stevedore damages

o Speed and Consumption performance

  • Postfixture panoramic 10 Sept
  • Postfixture pano 10.09-Student
  • Postfix 10.09- Request invoice

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