Expert Witness

Expert opinion as a decades-long Practitioner on behalf of Owners with long-term CoAs, Voyage Charters, Trip Time-Charters, and Period Charters, as a charterer-in of tonnage to execute house business. 

Philip Bacon is a member of the Baltic Exchange Expert Witness Association, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and a Supporting Member of the London Maritime Arbitrators' Association.

Identification and numeric modelling of value, time, losses and profits in complex multi-party scenarios across globally diverse regulatory environments. Philip Bacon draws from a diverse spectrum of methods and models utilised in practice by global or specialist businesses, interpreting and applying in a relevant and pondered manner based on deep practical knowledge allied with solid educational background.

Expert opinion from Philip Bacon's extensive seafaring education and experience, summed with decades as a Practitioner for Owners providing direct services to industrial clients, many of which with 'zero damage' policies or developing joint claims-reduction programs. Experience across a very broad range of commodities carried by sea from oil products, chemical, gas, container, industrialised goods as neobulk, dry, as well as LNG as a Marine Fuel.

Philip Bacon brings extensive onboard, on-quay, in-factory experience in complex scenarios, fact-finding, with comprehensive interview and reporting training. Select Partners can be deployed as capacity or expertise requires.

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