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  1. expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.

    e.g. "technical expertise"

    synonyms: skill, skilfulness, expertness, prowess, proficiency, competence

Marine, Cargo, Technical, Operational: 

method, modus, customary practice, best practice, regional

Stowplan, Intake, Drafts, Port Restrictions

Stowage, handling, care, damages -

bulk juice, high heat bulk liquid, gas

deck, project cargo

steels, pipes, casings, aluminium, granite

lumber, logs, lumber, palletised, plywood

woodpulp, kraft liner board, newsprint, rolled fluff pulp

grains, soda ash, potash, aggressive bulks

parcelling services, artificial separation

Port and Terminal operation

tanker ship/shore

unitised cargoes

Mooring, fenders, pontoons

Lifting and rigging

Vessel and Crew Performance

Bunker planning, purchase, management, issues

LNG Bunkering

Hold and Tank cleaning

Shipping Business: 

the execution, valuation, customary practice, best practice

Time-Charter and Voyage Charter disputes

Freight, Demurrage and Defence ( FD&D )

Contracts of Affreightment

Vessel Performance

Parcelling services

Pool Management

Port and Cargo Operations

Commercial; Method; Parties; Roles; Relationships

Local Agent, Supplier, Service Contractor relationships

Terminal Operations

Bonded areas

Transhipment and Feedering


Profit and Loss Metrics, Numeric Modelling

Fleet Optimisation, Data Analysis

Revenue controls, Payables controls

Latin America

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